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Limited company of representative of freight of international of Guangzhou far g
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Limited company of representative of freight of international of Guangzhou far grand is outside the company of representative of one class freight that approved 2001 via trade department, register capital RMB 6.5 million yuan. Mutual employee 70 more than person. Scope of operations: Undertake the international of goods of marine, land transportation, airborne imports and exports carries acting business, include to take money, order cabin, storage, change trains, container to spell case, settle accounts carry incidental expenses, declare at customs, the relevant short distance such as insurance carries a service to reach carry advisory business. There is wholy-owned representative company in Hong Kong: Shipping company of international of Hong Kong far grand. The barge of haven of delta of Pearl River of etc of acting Huang Bu, Shekou, Hong Kong is carried, share ten barge to go there and back at Pearl River delta, barge cargo dead-weight by 500-2000 ton different level. Every day barge goes there and back between Hong Kong, Huang Bu, Shekou, Fosan, Zhongshan, every months of traffic exceeds 10000TEUS. My department established Shanghai branch in June 2003, be in Tianjin, Shekou, Fosan, Zhan Jiang, Zhongshan (already upgraded to basically be in charge of for the branch now bead three-cornered business) the agency that waits for port to have his. The ship company such as my department and CNC, HEUNG-A, DONGNAMA, KMTC signed barge representative agreement (CCA) . The company sets orgnaization of more than 10 representatives in Europe, North America, Japan, southeast Asia. The company sets agency in each dock, offer the spot to assemble and unassemble for the client goods, declare at customs, a series of services such as newspaper check, trailer. Guangzhou far grand insists to carry expedite, career up, it is with the person this, kiss and respect property for expensive, faithfulness, be honest, quality the first, credit the first.