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White cloud airport and collaboration of confederative freight strategy extend a
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Yesterday morning, white cloud airport and confederative freight accuse a limited company to hold strategic collaboration autograph to arrange a ceremony. This is white cloud airport first generation of as notable as the whole world commodity signs strategic cooperation agreement. It is reported, hope of white cloud airport can be depended on with confederative freight such global goods generation cooperates, as early as possible position of hub of air-freight of establish Asia-Pacific area.

Undertake with international money acting firm the strategy cooperates first

As we have learned, confederative freight is the whole world is the greatest China endowment one of freight representative companies, headquarters is located in Hong Kong, in the whole world 60 many countries and area are set handle affairs technically orgnaization or acting orgnaization. Concerned personage expresses, confederative freight is being sought actively at present gash market of freight of Ta Huana area, this action and white cloud airport accelerate freight to develop the speed, strategy that pushs air-freight hub construction to happen to have the same view. And airport of this white cloud undertakes with company of world-famous goods generation the strategy cooperates first, also indicate hub of air-freight of airport of move white cloud built the job to enter more materiality, depth second level.

According to cooperative agreement, confederative freight will expand the freight business that its are in white cloud airport with all one's strength, basically adopt arrangement harbor of more pass in and out of airport of goods Cong Baiyun, business of freight of airport of solid white now cloud grows quickly; Assist white cloud airport to begin market promotion and airline sale work, introduce as far as possible and recommend foreign airline to develop line to white cloud airport; Recommend airport of choice white cloud actively to consignor, a series of act such as the airliner that station of goods of first choice airport acts as agent.

Lend whole world of force federal freight concentrated network dominant position

Liu Zijing of president of province airport group expresses, air-freight hub is the main component of omnibus aviation hub, also be a complex systematic project, of money acting firm supporting energetically is one of among them keys. The strategy of white cloud airport and confederative freight cooperates, it is a kind of powerful powerful combination. White cloud airport sends the network dominant position that hopes whole world of Yu Lianbang freight is concentrated, enhance air-freight distributing center ability, raise freight to grow rate. And the market base with white cloud advanced facilities facilities, solid airport, the development that also will be in Guangzhou and even Hua Na area for confederative freight company provides vast space.

The freight business of white cloud airport grows in recent years swift and violent, 2006, the goods of white cloud airport mails handling capacity to be six hundred and fifty-three thousand one hundred tons, grow 8.6% compared to the same period. Now year first quarter, the goods of white cloud airport mails handling capacity to achieve 151 thousand tons, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year grew 5.1% .
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