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"Incident of history peaceful rich " think the wisdom that commerce of Olympic G
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2008 Olympic Games shortly, olympic Games economy is prosperous with each passing day also. “ Bo Yiao carries ” also became a lot of industries to produce the important period of ” of “ inflection point, the competitive action that then all sorts of formal, informal, recessive “ take business chance of ” Olympic Games is richer and richer. The company that there is actual strength outside the door thinks, considering how to hit ” of “ edge ball opportunely into the enterprise that does not come really. And the near future, shi Taibo of world stationery tycoon handles official bussiness with “ identity of furniture supplier ” is clever participate in an Olympic Games, initiated a kind of new strategy again it seems that.  
Well-known, the bitter fleabane break out of contemporary Olympic Games exhibits the business that cannot leave to mature with each passing day to develop pattern. And the marked characteristic with successful mode of development of Olympic Games business makes industry “ exclusive namely the shares an enterprise to be able to have exclusiveness resource dominant position of ” . This since a kind of camp and doorsill, reflect again at the same time a kind of fairness and open. Shi Taibo participates in an Olympic Games, why can you make Olympic Games stationery exclusive is supplier shellfish hair stunned? Why can you make stationery industry an in an uproar? Its primary reason looks in public figure of a lot of trades namely, the Olympic Games resource of exclusive ” of the “ in stationery industry no longer exclusive. Shellfish hair is brought all the time think the Olympic Games aureola that be proud, because of Shitaibo participate in and called very big discount.   

Face doubt, shi Taibo very “ is cheesy the response of ” : It is OK that shellfish detects inequitably appeal. And the controller of development department of market of Olympic Games Organizing Committee also expresses, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee undertook be limittinged strictly to the sponsor, won't produce issue. Actually to such making known one's position, we not should a bit suspects the relatively perfect filtration in process of development of business of Olympic Games Organizing Committee flow, but is crucial question developing personnel at relevant market after all the knowledge that how many development the market of small numerous ” has relative to “ to a stationery and research? Can 100 things coke have with its sportswear name participates in an Olympic Games? Be no good! Because Coke Cola has been the sponsor of the Olympic Games, and allude 100 things of “ coke ” , the first reaction of consumer is “ coke ” . Why can ” activity cry between the city of “ Olympic Games that Meng Niu starts stop? The Olympic Games that had affected Yi Li because of act of such trade of recessive Olympic Games is lawful rights and interests. To such industry, to such enterprise, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee can compare the legitimate rights and interests that judge and defends relevant company clearly, well and truly. But why to appear on ” of incident of “ Shi Taibo 糢 paste and logy? Main reason lacks the understanding of deepness to the industry namely, serve as without conversion from the perception of enterprise, agency, consumer measure a level.   
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