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Be on guard and hit the announcement that uses container to cross concerned item
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Concern the announcement of item about be on guard and hitting those who use container to cross an activity secretly

2007-08-29 18:00 articles origin: Hall of Henan business affairs
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Each money acting business:

Receive " the case that < of transmit of general office of Department of Commerce goes to survey of Dalian and other places to be on guard to use container to cross an activity secretly with blow about the bulletin > announcement " (business does trade case 〔 2007 〕 78 〕 ) , the item that saves money acting business to need to notice with respect to me now informs as follows.

One, the principal port that high understanding is on guard to use container to cross an activity secretly with blow

Each money acting company should grow from health of foreign trade of stimulative our country, the safeguard society stability, altitude that maintains harmonious society improves knowledge, hold deeply to this is on guard and hit an activity to act as agent to driving freight the healthy progress of the enterprise and normative industry order, principal port that turns round industry reputation, fulfil an enterprise seriously the responsibility in this activity is compulsory.

2, clear responsibility, strengthen the management of the case outside container port

The case outside be on guard and hitting the administrative blind area that uses container to cross the job secretly to depend on container port, seal box and carriage link, the case outside the harbor that each money acting business wants to must make clear person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of its container, seal box and carriage activity, reach times to solicit doubtful case.

3, cooperate haven actively to concern function section, had done relevant work

To implement the demonstrative spirit of central leader actively, be on guard effectively to use container to cross an activity secretly with blow, central security of society administered the unit such as total office of council office, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Communication, Department of Commerce and customs integratedly to establish “ whole nation to be on guard to use container to cross an activity to lead group ” secretly with blow jointly, each haven also established an organization accordingly, accordingly I save each money acting business to want to cooperate actively to do good work about function branch, strive for prevent in this “ in calling ” activity, make our contribution.

Inform hereby.

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Two years on August 29