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Art of move of asset of transport of China and foreign countries
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The near future, carry of shipping magnate China and foreign countries is having frequent asset move sth to make room, this is OK industry of regard as “ is old the struggling ” of 3 (before 2 armour are in far group and in sea group) .

The reporter carried from China and foreign countries some high level of container transport company is in exclusive know recently, chinese foreign trade is carried (group) head office (China and foreign countries of the following abbreviation carries) brewing a can weighing “ with great quantity the plan buying a boat of ” . What need financing half to rely on to appear on the market Inc. of the carry outside representative of company China freight and China of express service provider (0598.HK, the carry outside abbreviation China) financing and come.

A few days ago, the carry outside China announces, this company will expand endowment the RMB buys property of part of carry of parent company China and foreign countries 1.11 billion yuan. The outside thinks, this second buy the plan that means carry of China and foreign countries to borrow whole of H share company to appear on the market actually to be started formally. However, the business of dry bulk cargo with financing tremendous potential is the carry outside China of meeting whole infuse after all, still can appear on the market independently, at present still ambiguous.

Is cent annotate on entered or appear on the market alone?

Will look with asset of this infuse parent company, target assets is to be located in the freight of Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Chongqing, Anhui, Jiangxi and Hong Kong area representative, boat Wu representative, storage and declare at customs the asset related business. The buys carry of the abroad in conducing to promotion to shed service provider as content professional ability of congener asset and market position.

“ does not appear on the market just is fool! Afore-mentioned ” high levels express, “ the stock market is so good now, the RMB appreciates, the opportunity is first-rate. The earliest our president Zhao Huxiang has been carried in Hong Kong, whole appears on the market is hasten of general trends place. In fact, after president seedling agrarian book assumes office, published an in-house address, think carry of China and foreign countries runs a side in capital group of backward Yu Zhongyuan, will want to increase capital to run strength henceforth. ”

Increase capital to run, business of dry bulk cargo cannot be ignored. Although this part is not the core business that China and foreign countries carries, but because bearing of marine now scene is very tall, shipping of dry bulk cargo demands exceeds supply, prices is valued continuously, it is the very good business that has financing.

The abroad in when signing up for in “ , saying to want an infuse of dry bulk cargo carries, but I hear of now, the likelihood is to want whole to appear on the market, cent annotate on is entered, be helpful for capital running so. After the content such as the goods generation that is in the first batch that is to say, boat generation sheds business infuse to end, the 2nd batch does bulk cargo business namely. Afore-mentioned ” high levels say so.
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