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Cost rises content sheds line of business " cry go up "
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Recently, as prices rise ceaselessly, content sheds property value to also begin to brew climb, the tide that rise in price has appeared inside the announcement column of each company in succession.

Predicament: Walking of content shedding gear is faltering

Of content shedding carrying trade rise in price the mainest reason depends on cost rise considerably, this is the biggest dilemma that it faces. Present cost raises “ too fast, force we rise in price 5 years for the first time. ” Xiamen bright and beautiful Wang Jinliang of controller of company of representative of jade-like stone freight says helplessly, the price with original “ has not earned money. ”11 month 1 day, this company begins formally to rise in price, this is not the first.

Cost is many sided, among them of limits of whole world of case of finished product oil price rise generally, it is one of main factors that content shedding course of study rises in price. Carry with aviation for exemple, according to current oil price cost, average every tons of freightage should raise the 100 cost that control to 300 yuan. And ship and onshore carriage cost raises to also be about the same. “ is worst is not oil price expensive, oil is again expensive we also must be used, increasing oily ability is most make a person anxious. Other people of ” Xiamen city shed association king gentleman to point out the dead acupuncture point of content shedding course of study.

To be being carried on the road for, the freeway that the Fujian Province began to execute in May van plan collects fees again policy also is significant turn. Began on May 20, carry cargo kind the basic fee of the car leads rate to press 0.09 yuan / ton · kilometer, car goods gross weight exceeds this car to maintain carring capacity level the car of 30% above, the 3 times linear that leads by basic fee increases by degrees to 6 times plan proof. The content on the way that leans highway to ship goods sheds van to basically want to exceed tonnage, want to pay fee doubly, this also is onshore the main force that carriage cost increases. “ does not have method, a lot of goods must send on time according to the contract, car finite, can make money more only. One content of ” sheds the worker of the company to express.

Still have one part reason, come from at the bank. Of “ bank add interest policy to also produce a few effects to us. ” Wang Jinliang says. He explains to the reporter, the much when content sheds a company to do business is pay cash from dig down first, pay airline other perhaps unit, if the client is 30—50 Queen of heaven, turn through the bank the word of Zhang settle accounts, the accrual of this paragraph of time is equivalent to content shedding a company to assume, and the amount of going from place to place that reduced capital.

Face these dilemma, each content sheds a company to be forced but, choose to rise in price in succession, struggling to continue to survive below high cost. With bright and beautiful jade-like stone freight is exemple, they are average every tons of goods rose 200—400 yuan differ. Also other part company begins demand government subsidy. “ in the long run, rise in price or should buy sheet by consumer. ” content sheds association king gentleman to say helplessly.
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