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Express service standard is passed examine
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Yesterday, the reporter learns from national general post office, ” of standard of service of express of “ of countrywide head ministry has been passed examine. Already had on content revise substantially, include controversy standard of the oldest limitation of express price lowest is deleted, compensatory standard “ is writing a format to went up to also be done alter accordingly ” . Approve draft through examining the express mark brigadier after to finish a cable as soon as possible, after classics state post office is examined and approve, release carry out.

It is reported, on August 17 ~ 19 days, committee of technology of postal job standardization covers national post office inside to sit a meeting, serve standard ” to “ express (send go over a manuscript or draft) undertook checkup. ” of checkup standard of “ express service (send go over a manuscript or draft) , collect the circumstance of the opinion publicly according to the society, be allowed inside and write did on the format bigger revise. Specific content has: Express service organization is adjusted from the lowermost measure of personnel of course of study for 15 people; Those who serve time limit state from ” of hour of “ of instead of “ workaday ” . The greatest to controversy express value and compensatory standard, discussed draft to also undertake modification: Cutout serves the specific amount of charge besides lowest, set the setting principle that serves expense only; Compensatory standard is writing a format to went up to also be done alter accordingly, basically be to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumer.

The member that juror meets includes: Carry of company of Chinese postal group, China and foreign countries is airborne, medium suitable abundant of express of iron rapid movement, civil aviaton, Guangdong, Shanghai ripely, Shanghai Cheng Tong, Beijing sends urgently curtilage, content of university of post and telecommunications of MII telecommunication academy, Beijing, China flows with purchase federation, association of representative of China International freight.