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Domestic goods acting development is far not as good as developed country
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By association of representative of China International freight (CIFA) with world freight alliance (WCAF) the thing of era of goods of the 4th China and foreign countries that runs jointly sheds an enterprise to negotiate heavy curtain can be pulled open 3 days in Guangzhou this month. Association of representative of China International freight is advanced and advisory Luo Kaifu points out on the press conference yesterday, chinese money acting business and Euramerican between groom in the talent, development idea and difference of level of management are very big, the development idea of acting business of Chinese major money still stays on traditional carriage pattern.
Luo Kaifu expresses, the money acting business of the developed country such as Europe, United States, Japan is after end of World War II rapid development, had matured quite in the respect such as management, information, idea, service. Mirror to efficiency, cost, between enterprise of China and foreign countries far apart. If “ says acting company of developed country money grows a level to be 100 % , so the average development level of Chinese enterprise is less than 40 % . ” Luo Kaifu expresses, on Training Within Industry, chinese enterprise lacks high-end content to shed business management personnel; On the idea, money acting business of home still stops in land transportation, marine on the carriage means that waits for a tradition; On level of management, be in especially IT of IT apply on far not as good as developed country.