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Nostrum casts off the end of the year to work overtime big fight causes fatigue
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Face close the end of the year, each enterprise begins ” of overwork “ big fight again, a lot of people suffer from accordingly went up “ tired ” is ill: Systemic muscle ache, work forgetful, attention is not centered and sore throat. Reporter in this city much home hospital understood recently, grow in quantity of near future of similar symptom patient, the doctor is diagnosed is to suffer from went up chronic and fatigue syndrome. The expert points out, its reason basically is overwork time too long, too nervous, carelessly ego protection, excessive exhaustion is couldn't get again debug in time.

3 days crouch field is tired a “ fatigue disease”

The Xiaozhang of company of container freight representative was received recently issued ten pieces of list, because enterprise of the end of the year wants to driving task of the annual that finish, arrive the quantity is centered, xiaozhang is so busy that Xiaozhang pant time also is done not have. He already crouched regular ship of field watch container 3 days continuously. Long overwork overworked, increase mental tension, arrived the 4th day, just 30 he what come forward a little activity if asthma is arrogant. At the same time companion has systemic muscle ache, work forgetful, attention is not centered and the symptom such as sore throat.

Zhou Duan of doctor of director of hospital of accessary Long Hua introduces university of medicine of Shanghai traditional Chinese medical science, whenever the end of the year, a lot of people abandon resting, disregard the body bear force works overtime, as a result destroyed the biological clock of normal movement, bring about the ” of “ out of control of the many sided such as function of intestines and stomach, cardiovascular system, urology.

The person becomes very tired, whole person is like energy extinct, “ tired ” must misfire, the hobby when Lian Ping is carried do not remove spirit to do. Although rest to also cannot improve overworked feeling, return regular meeting to have the symptom such as low heat, shiver, sleep-disorder, arthralgia and cold. These unwell move stand or fall, can make person interest devoid at ordinary times, the meeting after the symptom is exasperate lets a person want to lie on the bed only all the day.