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Harbor boat strong province builds economic new growth extremely
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On August 11, the content of rolled steel of Zhejiang Xiao Ran that is located in bank of canal of Hangzhou another name for Ningbo sheds a center busy. It is early two years ago, this one content sheds a center to be able to see what others cannot, take the lead in moving Home “ ” to canal edge. Value the enormous economic value after be open to navigation or air traffic of canal of Hangzhou another name for Ningbo just about, more and more enterprise assemble arrived nowadays canal two sides.

Zhao Shangliang of director of bureau of boat of Hangzhou city harbor says, after be open to navigation or air traffic, I save inland river shipping to will realize river trench to connect first, shipping of 500 tons of class can enter desolate hill inland river directly, a large amount of article such as the coal that comes from Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai to be taken, rolled steel, industrial chemicals and exit finished product all but in a steady stream passes canalage to arrive directly ceaselessly, and cost is low. According to calculating, only annual goods other people sheds Hangzhou cost but managing 3 billion yuan of above.

Same, regard countrywide inland river as shipping most the area of north of short for Zhejiang Province that develop, effect of ” of aqueduct of its “ gold also grows day and day. Growing a lake explain along the line watersides south the line, already assemble floor of many 300 real wood produces a business, 55% what produce sales volume to take the throughout the country, produce more than tons of 200 needs log every year, 90% above transfer Na Xun through canalage.

[digital harbor boat] full-length the Hang Yong canal of 239 kilometers transforms a project, total investment exceeds 7 billion yuan. Up to this year first half of the year, already 66% of gross of the accumulative total project that finish.

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