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Foreground of profession of international business affairs values relevant certi
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After entering a life, right of administration of our country foreign trade by examine and approve make instead register make, the company that has right of administration of imports and exports raises considerably, the demand of foreign trade talent increases quickly. The member that regard the international business affairs of force of hard core of foreign trade company as division, export especially, demand is added situation is more urgent.

Trade of the classics outside be being evaluated for science, objective, fair land professional, strengthen professional team construction, the country established set of professional of international business affairs (division of international business affairs, export member) professional seniority system. Foreground of profession of international business affairs is valued, relevant certificate becomes the heat that people pays close attention to.

Business of international freight representative covered international trade, international to carry, the knowledge of a lot of respect such as business affairs of contemporary IT, international, law, right from personnel of course of study level of primary quality, knowledge, experience is accumulated etc the demand is higher and higher.

Decision of national commerce department unites the trade that begins a standard to groom inside countrywide limits the job, entrust association of representative of China International freight to be in charge of organizing executive industry grooms and qualificatory exam works, aim to improve the business quality from personnel of course of study, accelerate the team of talent resource to build, from go up at all the service quality that promotes a business and level, the health of course of study of representative of freight of international of stimulative our country develops.

Shanghai external economic commerce education grooms the Shanghai exam dot that the center regards the country such as representative of freight of international business affairs, international as the exam, groom dot, have to attend proposition, read roll, before having 20 years to take an examination of, groom the pedagogic team of experience. They are clear, lucid explain, the imitate before rich effectual is taken an examination of practices, make passing rate apparent the passing rate of prep above Shanghai and whole nation.

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