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China and foreign countries carries half an year spent airborne development Inc.
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Carry of China and foreign countries is airborne develop Inc.
Half an year spent report summary 2007

§1 important clew

Thing of 1.1 our company board of directorses, supervision board and trustee, inspect, senior administrator assures to report place carries a data originally nonexistent state of sex of any false account, misdirect is major perhaps omit, assume to the authenticity of its content, accuracy and integrality reach joint liability individually.

Report summary picks this half year to spend report full text from half an year, report full text is published at the same time at Www.sse.com.cn. Investor is about to understand detailed content, ought to read half an year carefully to spend report full text.

All 1.2 companies director attends meeting of board of directors.

1.3 companies half an year spends financial report without audit.

Zhang Kui of controller of work of treasurer of Zhang Jianwei of 1.4 companies controller, officer and accountant orgnaization controller (the accountant is in charge of personnel) He Yan states: What in making sure this half an year spends a report, financial report freight acts as agent is true, complete.

§2 appears on the market company fundamental condition

Brief introduction of 2.1 companies fundamental condition


Data of 2.2 main finance affairs and index

Data of 2.2.1 main accountants and financial index unit: ? money plants: Heir addiction?


2.2.2 blame are regular project of increase and decrease

√ applicable □ is not applicable unit: ? money plants: Heir addiction?


Difference of standard of 2.2.3 domestic and international accountings

□ applicable √ is not applicable

§3 capital stock is fluctuant reach shareholder situation

3.1 share change the circumstance is expressed

□ applicable √ is not applicable

3.2 partner amount and run a circumstance unit:



3.3 accuse a partner and circumstance of change of effective control person

□ applicable √ is not applicable