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6 concrete step advance content to sort estate development
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Department of Commerce was released a few days ago " the directive opinion that about accelerating our country current domain modern other people sorts development " , pointed out our country current domain is contemporary the importance that content shedding develops and necessity, put forward our country current domain job of the main goal that modern other people sorts development, main job and measure of 6 specific policy.
Various places of requirement of Department of Commerce, departmental door and concerned association basis opinion requirement, press respective duty limits, clutch make accelerate current domain the specific policy that modern other people sorts development and measure, and at reporting before the bottom in June of the opinion fulfil a circumstance.
" opinion " point out, modern other people sheds our country current domain the main goal of development is, according to countrywide “ 915 ” content sheds course of study to develop a program, draft the time that uses 5 years or so, modern other people sheds mobilize domain amount stabilizes growth, year after year of number of turn-rounds of current job goods in stock rises, content sheds charge to occupy the rate year after year of GDP to drop; Breed Home 10-20 to be able to offer omnibus unifinication for current business service, preliminary the thing that has international competition ability sheds a business; Strange little thing sheds chain business deserve to send ability and level to rise stage by stage, terminal market content sheds a function to increase generally; Modern other people sheds current domain ability of riding quality, control and benefit get rising, systematism, intensive is changed, internationalization rate increases further, offer better thing to shed an environment for production and consumption.
" opinion " put forward, at present main job and task are, establish modern other people to shed a concept, promote content of current business interior to shed socialization; Develop tripartite content to flow energetically, breed bibcock content to shed a business; Develop rural modern other people to flow energetically, perfect and urban and rural unifinication sth resembling a net of content drift net; Strengthening fluid of cold chain content is construction, safeguard gives birth to fresh food to consume safety; Popularize advanced and applicable content to shed a technology, promote current domain running water of modern other people smooth; Get used to economic integration need, content of the extent outside deepening home sheds collaboration; Perfect government of industry of international freight representative, raise content to shed enterprise international competition ability; Executive content sheds demonstrative project, drive current domain modern other people sheds integral level promotion; Strengthen fundamental sex job, promote current domain modern other people flows can develop continuously.
To this, " opinion " advanced 6 concrete policy step. The country will increase modern to current domain other people to shed enterprise and content to shed the policy of garden area to give aid to. Use a country to develop bank policy sex to borrow money, the thing that support has area and advantage of professional domain competition sheds an enterprise to deserve to send facilities of central information system, storage, cold chain equipment to its buy, construction, upgrade and transform a project, the thing that support has stronger radiate capacity sheds garden area to be opposite of system of storage facilities, information upgrade and transform a project.
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