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FIATA carries only evidence to land China
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FIATA carries only card is the uses generally credit on international reliable, wide welcome goods generation is special only evidence, accord with international convention and international chamber of commerce " documentary letter of credit integrates an usual practice " requirement, tag on only evidence have union of association of international freight representative (FIATA) , international chamber of commerce (ICC) , association of representative of China International freight (CIFA) label, in the meantime, the enterprise that sign sheet but will print from badge having bid to appoint the position. Join the company that protected insurance of freight representative liability only of course ability is qualified sign and issue this sheet card, also be the protection of responsible insurance, only evidence of through traffic of FIATA much style just makes broad consignor be at ease.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, the FIATA of international authority carries the only evidence disembarkation in China, fill the blank of card of acting sheet of our country goods, normative market of card of goods acting sheet, solved sheet of medium and small businesses card is not approbated by client or by the difficult problem of bank refuse payment, for our country goods acting content sheds an enterprise to take door going abroad, raised international market competition ability to create a condition.

As we have learned, the course of study of international goods act on one's behalf that publishs by Department of Commerce manages a regulation to reach its to carry out detailed rules, international money acting business can sign and issue carry to be defeated by only evidence. But the card of goods acting sheet of our country manages long-term vacancy, cause card of non-standard sheet of only evidence disorder, many abroad to flood the market, bilk of bill of lading has repeatedly happen, greatly handicap international goods takes the place of and content shedding industry grows. Current, exit of our country goods chooses FOB clause, entrance to choose CIF item more more, bring about abroad to buyer, bargainor sends a ship or order cabin, appoint money acting business, chinese enterprise foreign trade carries the dominant of the domain to counterpoise to be lost increasingly, with domain of commerce of our country goods strong form apparent contrast, the money acting other people of this inevitable requirement our country sheds an enterprise to walk along door going abroad to extend business. But should be the same as stage athletics with international person of the same trade, FIATA only evidence is necessary international pass.

According to China International goods acting association introduces, accept only evidence this to be: FIATA-FBL (can make over bill of lading of much style through traffic) , FIATA-FWB (cannot make over sheet of carry of much style through traffic) , FIATA-FCR (freight representative collects goods evidence) . The enterprise applies for to obtain FIATA freely to carry only evidence to sign and issue authority, need accords with following conditions: It is academician of representative of China International freight or money of each province city acting academician; Register capital 5 million yuan of RMBs (contain) above; The legal person enterprise that the business that performs regulation of Department of Commerce enters in the records and year business enters in the records; Management money acting other people sheds business one year above (contain a year) ; Membership fee of association of successive already pay; Inside consultative period of efficacy, cast continuously guarantee a place difficult of access of responsibility of bill of lading of international freight representative; Have abound the administrator from already check (at least one has old money acting other people to shed the senior manager from already check) ; In managing, do not have violate compasses record; With China International freight acting association signs an agreement.
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