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The the Ministry of Communication releases stimulative road carrying trade to de
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Make the traffic plan such as pike of cost of maintain a road, car expend favourable policy, development compartment type is carried, trailer droped and picked up transportation and car train, guide carriage operator to buy, the car that uses energy-saving, environmental protection, standardization. Perfect battalion carries system of assess of passenger car grade and freight car recommend model system, the item oil with promotion advanced and mature application car, limitation eliminates high cost old old carriage car. Increase class of car of trunk passenger transport further, in rural passenger transport promotion is used accord with " structure of passenger car of carry of rustic highway battalion and performance are current requirement " economy is applicable car. Exceed to level of state of short of of function of safe, energy-saving, environmental protection and existence be restricted to overload the car of hidden trouble, off-limits road carries the market.

Guide transportation enterprises to be ligament with asset, pass and buy, a variety of means such as combination, share, implementation dimensions is changed, intensive is changed, network is managed and concessionary chain is managed. Give aid to intensive changes rate the way transportation enterprises that tall, network enclothes means of big, organization to actor or actress develops. Encourage way transportation enterprises to pass mechanism innovation, found brand, enhance competition ability.

Make full use of the infrastructure such as freeway network, it is with passenger car of archives of high capacity, high school and IT rely on, regular bus passenger transport arrives directly between development city energetically, the circuitry with mature condition, can exploration establishs circuit company or other intensive changes management pattern. Develop tripartite content to flow energetically, encourage road freight company to flow to modern other people contract, the change of the supplier. Enterprise of normative freight representative manages action, the company of network freight representative that urges sincere letter to manage is first develop.

Give aid to rural passenger transport develops, grant more according to “ , take less, the principle of the ” that put work, strive for a place various government support, enjoy public transportation and as identical as the city concerned duty to expend favourable policy. Take the step such as cost of surtax of derate passenger transport, maintain a road, reduce burden of operator of rural passenger transport. The carriage that guides operator of rural passenger transport to accept agile diversity organizes a form. Encourage extend farming by-product content sheds treatment, content shedding to deserve to send wait for business.

Encourage development chain to change, network, brand is changed wait for maintenance to manage a form, popularize the advanced maintenance technology of safe, energy-saving, environmental protection. Drive a freeway to serve an area to maintain site construction, accelerate build countrywide motor vehicle to maintain rescuing network. Carry out car examination to safeguard (system of I / M) , reduce exhaust emission. Implement system of motor vehicle maintenance log in the round.
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