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Austrian custom opens the home made product in using to have con case
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Austrian economy daily reports 22 days, personnel of Austrian customs customs officer was in in April 2007 when routine examination, discovered one packs the container that has the textile that comes from China and shoe, value of its goods bill far under goods real value. Check personnel suspects this is the case that a benefit has wholesale smuggling and dodge a tax with certificate of country of origin. Track down by following clues of abstruse check personnel, two colleagues that turn over con branch with the European Union in Austria together, discover 10 identical container in all. The article that lades in container includes unlined upper garment of the jeans, T-shirt, sneaker and recreational shoe. For dodge a tax, value of kinds or types of goods is greatly low newspaper. According to abstruse the information of the Ministry of finance, involve 6000 tickets money in all. Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, discovery is returned in investigating a process, such a lot of goods already passed Austria to enter other country. The case of the fact that be checked needs to fill make tax payment. These guilty groups that have an organization use all sorts of small-sized freight agents to connect close. There is no lack of among them the old client of previous conviction. The staff member of company of representative of an Austria freight is facing financial crime accusation.

What afore-mentioned partial China kinds or types of goods already entered Austria is cheap shop, the other European Unions that be gone to by carry are other country. Check personnel notices, individual container is gone to by carry from Austrian custom storehouse Slovak, carry from Slovak again Czech, overcome carry back Austria from nimble again. The purpose of such transfer, leak to escape namely custom duty. Can decide so far, have such 60 thousand tons of " about cheap " China textile and shoe pass this kind of illegal means to enter an European Union, the custom duty loss that cause makes an appointment with 200 million euro. Wilhelm Molterer of abstruse finance minister is very satisfactory to findings, say, this is serious blow when commit a crime to having an organization.