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Harbor boat strong province builds economic new growth extremely
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[digital harbor boat] 2006, mouth of the complete harbour that save an edge finishs port's cargo throughput in all 510 million tons, house whole nation the 2nd; Handling capacity of the container that finish box of 7.52 million standard, house whole nation the 4th; Inland river haven finishs port's cargo throughput 310 million tons, rank the whole nation the 2nd.

Marine course of study is on the road of dimensions

Liu Zujie is manager of department of transport of newspaper of limited company of freight of container of international of the carry outside Ning Bo. Regard a senior freight as agent, his saw with one's own eyes witnessed the strength of the company. He remembers clearly, the company 7 years ago is the biggest the tonnage of a boat also only 2000 tons, and average tonnage already exceeded all now shipping 5000 tons.

From do not have have, from have strong, from had arrived by force, the grow road of ” of the carry outside “ Ning Bo draws the outline of me clearly to save the development plan mark of marine course of study. In recent years, save marine course of study to be on dimensions to change the way of development stage by stage completely. A course of ocean container regular ship, 10 thousand tons, a large ship of 100 thousand tons of class in succession the open up, …… that join movement coulds there be only the course gross with existing harbor of wave — Zhou Shan amounts to 162, the international ocean artery that can reflect actual strength most among them is 82, every months 700 many airliners move back and forth at the whole world between more than 600 haven of 100 many countries, area.

Shitong Meng Da says total economy of bloc of peaceful wave harbor, marine course of study is compared those who go all out is dimensions actual strength, open to arrive now course of Euramerican container regular ship, need to throw 3 at least the 5th, the container ship of 6 generation, and enter international crude oil and ore to carry a trade, the big boat that should have hundred thousands of tons of class at least just goes. Without abundant financing and administrative person with ability, a few ground that do not have base oneself upon.

[digital harbor boat] by 2006, the proportion that I save marine transport power to take countrywide marine transport power is 13.8% , house whole nation visits first place of marine transport power each, annual finishs marine goods to measure 230 million tons in all.

Inland river shipping builds a “ gold water course”

Enter since August, canal of Hangzhou another name for Ningbo transforms a project to already entered sprint construction phase. By this year, investment of heretofore of this my province is the largest, the monomer that 3 flood are river of river of pond of money of over or across, Cao E river, another name for Ningbo is waterborne project all fronts be well versed in, thereby ” of times of through transport of sea of river of river of open up “ , to the economy of edge river city development brought ” of “ multiplier effect.
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