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The Ministry of Communication of freightage government regulation makes road ris
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(3) have system of sound safe production management, include safe production operating rules, system of safety production, safe production to supervise censorship and run a system from safety of personnel of course of study, car, equipment.
The 9th those who accord with following condition is enterprise or business unit, it is dangerous to can use the blame that special vehicle is engaged in provide for oneself serving for this unit to run sexual way freightage:
(one) following enterprise or business one of units:
1. The production that approval of supervisory management department of provincial above safe production establishs, use, store the enterprise of dangerous chemical;
2. The scientific research that has special demand, war industry, general civil aviation enterprise or business unit.
(2) the requirement that has the 8th regulation, but the amount that has special car oneself is OK little at 5.
The 10th application pursues the company that road danger freightage runs, the city class way that ought to establish a division to seat carries an administration to offer application, submit the following data:
(one) " road danger freightage manages application form " (see accessory 1) ;
(2) the dangerous goods category that plans to carry, do not reach operation plan;
(3) company rules text;
(4) identification of investor, controller and its photocopy, the identification of agency person reachs its photocopy and a power of attorney;
(5) plan to throw car acceptance book, content includes tool of grade of special vehicle amount, type, technology, communication to deploy, total mass, check and ratify carries the outline outside number of axle of quality, car and car long, wide, advanced circumstance, coal tub type is special the cubage of can without lid of car, cubage of can without lid and car carry quality to match a circumstance, the special vehicle that transports goods of danger of virulent, explosion, combustible, radioactivity deploys travel recorder to perhaps locate systematic condition. If plan to throw special vehicle to be what already was purchased or have, should provide letter of grade of technology of travel card, car or car technology detects type of certificate of approval, canister is special the can without lid of car detects certificate of approval perhaps detects report and its photocopy;
(6) plan to recruit drive personnel, assemble and unassemble of personnel of administrator, escort in transportation reach its photocopy from job seniority card, drive the driver's license of personnel and its photocopy;
(7) have a parking lot the ground, special jockey area and safety defend, the proof material of facilities of facilities of environmental protection, fire control;
(8) concerned safe production manages system text.
Eleventh the unit that application is engaged in be not freightage of danger of management sex road, when the city class way that establishs a division to seat carries an administration to offer application, except refer the 10th (5) to (8) outside formulary material, still ought to submit the following data:
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