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The Ministry of Communication of freightage government regulation makes road ris
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(one) " application form of road danger freightage " (see accessory 2) ;
(2) one of following forms fundamental condition proves the unit:
1. Supervisory management department of provincial above safe production issues " dangerous chemical registers card " ;
2. Proof scientific research, war industry, can general civil aviation enterprise or business unit property or the concerned material of scope of business;
(3) the demonstrative material of special carriage demand;
(4) the identification of agency person and its photocopy, the job that is in an unit proves or a power of attorney.
Dozenth a city class way that establishs a division carriage administration ought to according to " road of People's Republic of China carries byelaw " and " traffic administration license carries out a program to set " and the program that sets a standard originally carries out road danger freightage administration license, undertake be checkinged on the spot.
Decide allow is permitted, ought to to be issued by permissive person " license of administration of road danger freightage decides a book " (see accessory 3) , make clear permissive item, the category that permits item to be carriage danger goods and fasten, special vehicle amount and requirement, carriage property; And in danger of 10 days of indrawn road freightage manages an applicant to extend " road carries business certificate " , to danger of road of blame management sex freightage applicant is issued " licence of road danger freightage " .
The decision does not grant to permit, ought to issue to the applicant " do not grant to hand in an administration to permit decision book " .
Thirteenth already was obtained what other road carries management license by permissive person, the city class way that establishs a division carries an administration to ought to be changed for its hair " road carries business certificate " , add the item that fixes new license in scope of operations. If former " road carries business certificate " by provincial road carriage administration extends, give according to afore-mentioned requirements by the former office that send card change hair.
The 14th ought to be fulfilled to plan to throw car acceptance book according to definitive time by permissive person. Carriage administration already checked the way that makes permissive decision to be fulfilled by permissive person plan to throw car acceptance book and special vehicle accords with classics of permissive requirement, can without lid after certificate of proof of qualitative check branch, ought to deserve to send for special vehicle " road carries card " , be in " road carries card " the category that allows to transport dangerous goods is made clear inside column of scope of operations, not. Manage freightage of sexual road danger to be engaged in be not among them, ought to be in its " road carries card " on build “ to be not freightage of management sex danger special rule ” .
The road danger freightage that the 15th road carries an administration to must not permit one-time, provisionality.
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