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The Ministry of Communication of freightage government regulation makes road ris
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Freightage of danger of road of whole nation of director of the 7th the Ministry of Communication supervises the work.
The road danger freightage that traffic of government of people of place of prefectural class above is in charge of a branch to be in charge of an organization heading section of politics of one's own profession supervises the work.
Carriage administration of road of prefectural class above is in charge of freightage of danger of particular executive way supervising the work.
The 2nd chapter carries a license
The 8th applies for what freightage manages to undertake road risk, ought to have following requirement:
(one) have the special vehicle that accords with following requirement and facility:
1. Have special car oneself 5 above;
2. Special vehicle specifications accords with national level " requirement of integral performance of battalion carry vehicle and law of check proved recipe " (GB18565) requirement, car overall dimension, axle load and quality accord with national level " road car overall dimension, axle load and quality are restricted to be worth " (GB1589) requirement, car technology grade achieves occupation standard " grade of technology of battalion carry car differentiates and assess asks " (JT/T198) grade of one class technology;
3. Provide effective communication tool;
4. Have the parking lot land that accord with safe provision and suits with photograph of scope of operations, dimensions. Have carry virulent, explosion and I kind goods of the danger that pack is special of car, still ought to deploy what keep apart with other equipment, car, personnel is special jockey area, establish clear caution sign;
5. The safety that matchs stock and photograph of carried dangerous goods property to suit defends, environmental protection and facilities of fire control facilities;
6. Transport goods of danger of virulent, explosion, combustible, radioactivity, ought to have car of coal tub type or compartment type car, special container, car ought to install travel recorder or location system;
7. Coal tub type is special the can without lid of car ought to via certificate of proof of quality inspection branch. The cubage of can without lid of special vehicle must not exceed the coal tub type of carriage explosion, strong caustic dangerous goods 20 stere, the cubage of can without lid of special vehicle must not exceed the coal tub type that transports virulent and dangerous goods 10 stere, but except of container of coal tub type;
8. The type is not coal tub that transports virulent, explosion, strong caustic dangerous goods is special car, check and ratify carries quality to must not exceed 10 tons.
(2) have those who accord with following requirement from personnel of course of study:
1. Of special vehicle drive personnel obtains driver's license of corresponding motor vehicle, the age does not exceed 60 one full year of life;
2. Those who be engaged in road danger freightage drive personnel, assemble and unassemble traffic is in charge of the government of city class people that seat of classics of personnel of administrator, escort in transportation sets an area sectional exam is eligible, obtain corresponding from job seniority card.
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