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The Ministry of Communication of freightage government regulation makes road ris
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Taboo shift can without lid (except of container of coal tub type) be engaged in dangerous freightage.
The 24th special vehicle ought to go to the company that has car of road danger freightage to maintain a condition to undertake maintaining.
The 25th ought to accord with occupation standard with the technical condition that at assembling and unassemble the machinery of dangerous goods reachs labour, accessory " goods of motor transportation danger is regular " (JT617) technical requirement of the regulation.
The can without lid of special vehicle should accord with type of the 26th canister " steeliness pressure vessel " (GB150) , " goods of danger of motor transportation liquid often presses container (can without lid) current technology condition " (GB18564) the technical condition that waits for national level regulation. Special vehicle ought to be in coal tub type goods of danger of the acceptance of consignment inside the period of efficacy of certificate of proof of can without lid.
Freightage of danger of the 4th chapter
Consignor of the 27th dangerous goods ought to entrust the enterprise acceptance of consignment that has aptitude of road danger freightage, pack strictly about the regulation according to the country, show the case such as measure of the name of an article of dangerous goods, amount, harm, lash-up to carrier. Need adds depressor or of stabilizing agent, ought to add according to the regulation. The still should refer as dangerous as what consign chemical to agree completely safe technical specification that consigns dangerous chemical and safe label.
Enterprise of freightage of danger of the 28th road or the permissive item that the unit ought to carry an administration strictly to decide according to road undertakes road risk freightage activity, must not make over, freightage of rental road danger permits certificate.
Forbidden blame manages unit of freightage of sexual road danger to be engaged in road danger freightage running an activity.
The 29th must not use coal tub formula special vehicle perhaps is carried poisonous, corrode, the special vehicle of radioactivity danger goods transports general goods.
Other and special vehicle can be engaged in the general goods beyond appliance of food, articles for daily use, medicines and chemical reagents, medical treatment carrying an activity, but ought to undertake elimination dangerous processing to special vehicle, ensure incorrect general goods causes pollution, damage.
Dangerous goods must not be mixed with general goods outfit.
Thirtieth special vehicle ought to according to national level " road carries dangerous goods car to indicate " (GB13392) requirement suspension indicates.
The lash-up that a special vehicle ought to need according to carrying the property of dangerous goods is deployed handles thirtieth equipment and safe safeguard equipment.
Thirtieth enterprise of freightage of 2 road danger or the goods that the unit must not transport law, administrative regulations to prohibit carrying.
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