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The Ministry of Communication of freightage government regulation makes road ris
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The 43rd happens in dangerous freightage process combustion, explosion, pollution, toxic or by pilfer, missing, stream medicinal powder, the accident such as leak, drive personnel of personnel, escort in transportation ought to be mixed to branch of local public security instantly this transportation enterprises or unit report, the name of an article of demonstrative accident circumstance, dangerous goods, harm and lash-up measure, take all possible caution step in the spot, cooperate actively to undertake dealing with about the branch. Transportation enterprises or the unit ought to start lash-up instantly beforehand case.
The 44th assembles and unassemble in dangerous goods, in process of custodial, keep in storage, ought to mix according to the property of dangerous goods custodial requirement, light light discharge, partition is deposited, caboodle code is orderly, prevent jumbly, scatter leakage, damaged, must not mix with general goods deposit.
Enterprise of freightage of danger of the 45th road or the unit ought to be dangerous goods to cast guarantee carrier responsibility a place difficult of access.
The 5th chapter supervises an examination
Freightage of danger of the 46th road supervises an examination according to " road freightage and regulation of station field government " carry out.
Working personnel of carriage administration of the 47th road carries supervisory check out procedure in executive road in, discover special vehicle has overweighted action and have safety is uninstalled and store of the condition, ought to ask to drive personnel or personnel of escort in transportation arrives have place to carry dangerous goods to store spatial discharging of the condition.
Responsibility of law of the 6th art of composition
The 48th violates this regulation, have one of following state, by road of prefectural class above carriage administration is instructed stop to carry, have illegal income, confiscate illegal earning. Carriage goods belongs to dangerous chemical, illegal earning of 50 thousand yuan of above, manage illegal gain 1 times above 5 times the following amerce; Did not violate earning or violate earning to be not worth 50 thousand yuan, be in 20 thousand above 200 thousand the following amerce. Carriage goods belongs to the other danger goods beyond dangerous chemical, have illegal income, manage illegal gain 2 times above 10 times the following amerce; Perhaps violate earning to be not worth 20 thousand yuan without illegal earning, be in 30 thousand yuan of above 100 thousand yuan of the following amerce. Make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully:
(one) did not obtain license of road danger freightage, do sth without authorization is engaged in road danger freightage;
(2) use invalidation, forge, it is falsification, dangerous to be cancelled to wait for freightage of invalid road danger to permit certificate to pursue path of freightage;
(3) surmount permissive item, be engaged in road danger freightage;
(4) unit of freightage of danger of road of blame management sex is engaged in road danger freightage managing.
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