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Changxing public terminal according to environmental pre-acceptance
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October 21, the city environmental testing center under the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau 【2009】 209 "terminal on the Changxing public approval of pilot projects view" approval, the public terminal in Changxing green during the test run three simultaneous Return visit to check the work. During the inspection, environmental testing Center for terminal operators listened carefully to the first party during the test run on the terminal sewage treatment and handling of hazardous materials emergency response process Introduction of treatment options, and terminal hardware facilities for environmental protection and protection products for the inspection and acceptance. According to the results of inspection, environmental testing center inspectors agreed that the Eternal Public Terminal hardware support facilities, Environmental protection work of the three at the same time a comprehensive, fully in line with terminal test run of the requirements of environmental protection, agreed to in the near future for the terminal building to apply for formal acceptance of environmental protection.