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Very powerful carriage other people flows deserve to send
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Expensive harbor city develops harbor boat and content to shed line of business energetically. Expensive harbor harbor has haven company 105, expensive harbor of haven bibcock Guangxi loves Wu of triumphant Er harbor limited company already had a groceries 1 million tons, container box of 100 thousand standard and bulk cargo take in and send out in large quantities 1.8 million tons ability, opened expensive harbor to reach Hong Kong Shenzhen container an aerial liner. The dimensions of a batch of dock such as stage mud, Hua Run, China report, conch all is in 3 million tons of above. In 69 waterborne enterprises, benefit dimension group is in and other places of Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Huang Bu, expensive harbor all has bigger assemble and unassemble, carry and freight representative business. Finite liability company has Wu of ship of world of expensive harbor harbor nonstop, inland river carries marine, Jianghai and shipping builds business. In Jin Hang of the carry outside far, China, Xin (goods and materials) content sheds content of bavin of jade of limited company, Guangxi to shed group limited company, Guangdong to visit center of day of limited company of dock of great river of fuel company, suitable heart, Chengdu An Da freight serves rapid motion company, Fosan fast. Expensive harbor city is shedding other people of garden area, coal to shed garden area, building materials to wait for a batch in content of cement of plan and construction large the content that face harbor sheds garden division, make regional content spread base.

Expensive harbor harbor opens trade of inside and outside an aerial liner

Expensive harbor municipal government and content shed a business in all business grows a major programme of lasting importance

China and foreign countries is joint-stock content of dimension of expensive harbor benefit sheds the content of big piece goods with locomotive limited company to enter port area of center of expensive harbor harbor

Far content sheds express service in, offer for freightage of ocean of expensive harbor harbor one-stop service

Collect is carried, the branch of expensive harbor of Guangxi foreign trade that storage, content shedding matchs to send at an organic whole.