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Course of study of popularity of Chinese money acting other people starts credit
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A few days ago, association of representative of China International freight regards the whole nation as evaluation of first grade of 44 industries credit one of pilot units start credit formally to evaluate the work.
By countrywide “ entire plan runs ” and country endowment appoint grade of first association of 44 industries trade evaluates the whole nation that urges jointly the significant move that pilot job is construction of system of our country credit, the purpose is managing order at normative industry, raise the credit consciousness of industry business, build the favorable environment that sincere letter manages.
Credit of industry of popularity of acting content of this inferior goods evaluates an activity from August the bottom arrives the last ten-day of a month ended in November, participating means adopts an enterprise to attend of one's own accord, enterprise of rich peaceful of country of Beijing of center of business affairs of China International electron asks for the tripartite that believes limited company to serve as independence to evaluate attestation orgnaization. Evaluation content basically involves record of ability of business management ability, company base credence, business standing, management state to wait. On the foundation that evaluates the work in credit, the form a complete set that acting association of China International goods will provide credit insurance and loan of bank of guarantee slip impawn serves, be on guard in order to increase company credit risk ability, develop new financing channel.