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List of foreign investment industry is important edit
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In " catalog " edit in the process, we seek central each branch, local government and guild opinion for many times, held the informal discussion that expert scholar and transnational corporation delegate enter respectively, to entry modification proposal undertakes study. " catalog " edit the reasonable proposal that inducted each respect adequately, macroscopical to doing well adjusting control, country develops and open to the outside world as a whole, stimulative industry structure is optimized and upgrade, raise quantity of the aptitude outside using and level, produce positive effect.

Chinese economy times: " catalog " what major change is there on content after editing?

Chief: New " catalog " there basically is the following change on content:

It is to encourage kind of entry amount to increase considerably. New " catalog " include encourage, restrict and prohibit kind of entry in all 478, encourage among them kind 351, limitation kind 87, prohibit kind 40, increased 94 than original list respectively, 9 mix 5, compare with the photograph before editing, the measure that urges kind of entry increased 37% .

2 it is to serve course of study to open to the outside world to expand further. Increase “ to carry on modern other people of ” of the bag outside the service, “ sheds ” to wait to encourage kind of entry, the “ goods that primary restriction the foreign trader invests rents freight of ” , “ ” of company of foreign trade of acting ” , “ adjust to permit kind of entry, will prohibit formerly the construction of electrified wire netting of ” , “ , management ” labels the “ futures firm that the foreign trader invests to open to the outside world first domain.

3 it is to adjust pure the oriented policy that urges exit. In the light of our country favorable balance of trade too big, foreign exchange reserve increases quickly wait for new condition, continue to carry out no longer pure the oriented policy that urges exit, cancel original list to encourage kind in the permission that “ product exports directly entirely kind entry of ” of foreign investment project.

4 it is to encourage a foreign trader to invest development circular economy, clean production, but second birth the sources of energy and zoology environmental protection, encourage a foreign trader to invest resource to be used integratedly, " catalog " add newly relevant encourage kind of entry more than 40.