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The oldest other people sheds an enterprise to enter halt south fill
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Recently, the oldest other people sheds China carry of company, China and foreign countries is airborne branch of development Inc. southwest and south fill custom to sign an agreement formally, hire custom office building, in south fill establish agency.

This enterprise is garrisoned south after filling, will decrease greatly not only south fill and even whole plain the content of northeast region industry spreads cost, and, for the enterprise of easy to having sea foreign trade setting, will be in south fill custom to come true to declare, check, discharged.

As we have learned, china and foreign countries carries airborne development Inc. is one appears on the market company, appear on the market at succeeding in Shanghai stock exchange on December 28, 2000, it is one is having the international freight representative of perfect countrywide business network and information network and content to shed service company. This, this company southwest branch is puissant garrison south fill, basically be to take a fancy to south fill in plain northeast area advantage, and the business chance that the industry such as industry, trade, content shedding grows quickly and brings. Current, company already with south fill custom to come to an agreement, agency is filled to will be located in south its south fill custom building inside.

Agency director Zhan Ke is filled to say south Chengdu custom, current, whole plain northeast area has many companies taking littoral establish agency, when export trade, also taking custom to declare at customs littoral, main reason is south the thing that charge flows to develop not quite, still shed transportation enterprises without professional large other people. “ China and foreign countries carries airborne development Inc. is garrisoned south after filling, will be whole plain the thing that the enterprise of northeast area offers major sheds a service. ” Zhan Ke says, current, custom agency is filled to had been in south south fill, wide how, Dazhou, cling to deal with an enterprise mediumly to put on record 275, put on record treatment contract 12, put on record amount 4.32 million dollar. China and foreign countries carries airborne development Inc. is garrisoned south after filling, to these companies that have export trade, the impact is bigger, when arriving, these enterprises can pass this company directly, to south fill custom to realize application, check, discharged, this spreads the content that reduces these enterprises greatly carriage cost.