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"Christmas freight " later European course is entered " winter sleep period "
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“ is close since period of time, the course money amount such as Europe, mediterranean drops apparently, so far, fall on average in 15% the left and right sides, still have the tendency that drops further. ” recently, mr Zhang says chief of acting business of a money of Qingdao city so. After passing peak of ” of “ Christmas freight, amount of goods of Qingdao city export is added fast put delay apparently, this adumbrative also section line comes off-seasonly. In the meantime, the personage inside partial course of study also is shown anxious. Because each ship company values European line, make the transport power of this course increases gradually, the market level with current and off-season together with, make European course entered “ ” of winter sleep period.

The height of ” of “ Christmas freight October, make company of Qingdao city shipping earned a basin full earthen bowl is full, was worth fastigium of ” of “ Christmas freight October, the enterprise receives goods to measure with average and weekly the rate of nearly 10% rises, since the time of a month, many course such as Europe, mediterranean and North America appears to explode continuously cabin phenomenon, voyage state amounts to limited company of international freight representative Hui Hui of manager of department of marine regular ship expresses, annual came in September November is fastigium of ” of freight of Christmas of shipping market “ , in this paragraph of time, range of money volume growth is bigger, especially by October, goods measured exit to reach peak, from the point of the money amount exit this year, the increment of toy, gift, textile has relatively substantially growth.

Enter oneself in November since the middle ten days of a month, money amount begins to drop continuously, partial money acting business receives money amount on average to drop nearly two into, the likelihood still can have the tendency that drops further, this kind of fall after a rise that drops to measure ” fastigium with “ Christmas goods not only is concerned, partial ship company is adjusted in succession and increasing transport power also is the immediate cause that causes the market to be begged for be more than.

Among them, yang Minghai carry and plain Qi steamboat cooperate, november open up a new Europe inferior course, this course throws the container transport boat of 4 4000TEU above, domestic haven will be hanged rely on Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai and Shekou 4. In the meantime, han Jinhai carries and shipping company of Arabia country combination also will be in the new line that new Asia of next year open up reachs boreal Europe, this course predicts one year inside, will throw boat of 8 7000TEU container transport in succession, this course will from Qingdao harbor only then hair, hang rely on Shanghai, saline, Hong Kong, arrive directly at Antwerp harbor. In addition, large alliance also will open an Asia newly to reach boreal Europe in the near future course, this course will throw 8 3800~5000TEU transport power.
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