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"Christmas freight " later European course is entered " winter sleep period "
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The European course that warms up continuously is valued in succession by company of much home ship, transport power increases inevitable, the personage inside course of study explains so. Because carry the contradiction that the market begs for be more than at present gradually apparent, bring about marine cabin seat or berth to take up rate wander in inferior level, to this, index of freight rate of the Europe that Shanghai shipping bourse released on November 23, Mediterranean line shows, two course mix 1759.7 a little bit for 1714.32 bits respectively.

North America course also did not escape it seems that off-season adversity, mr Zhang expresses, the money amount of North America course also begins to glide continuously since last week, at present cabin seat or berth takes up on average do not lead 80% , beautiful east course wants Bimeixi a few lower.

Compare Euramerican course, the money amount of near modern course wants enough a lot of, especially the quantity is in the goods of Japanese course to be climbed successively all the time litre. Current, the shipping proprietor of an enterprise of course of Qingdao city management Japan should be carried by Yantai sea, carry of Shandong sea abundant, China and foreign countries, China is marine wait for a company to be being controlled, sufficient goods capacity makes advocate the ship company of line of battalion close ocean is relatively comfortable a lot of.

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