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Edge river develops hot wave to move
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While manufacturing industry develops quickly, face harbor handling capacity of new city container is ceaseless with new record, the harbor that shows oneself grows rate. 2006 the end of the year, in be apart from 500 days of actions to plan to end to still have 59 opportunity, with one action of handling capacity of container of river shade harbor breaks through box of 100 thousand mark to close greatly, dissolve the history that will be crossed hard for years easily to blame a group.

Of bank of the Yangtse River of lean close to face harbor new city, city of triangle of body section chief group geometrical center, new port area 29 inside, foreign trade course, quick course opens the HDS that the international container of ” of hill of boiler of — of “ Jiang Yin arrives directly at regular ship and river shade to go to Japan in succession, the course airliner that abounds ceaselessly offerred convenient waterborne channel for the enterprise, silent defends the river shade harbor of 10 one's remaining years, finish quickly breathtaking very quickly, become circumjacent city the combinative place with terraqueous perfect changeover.

500 days of actions plan to just end, 2007 the first day, “0730” plans at once to catch up with. This year first half of the year, handling capacity of container of river shade harbor draws strong positive line ceaselessly, complete harbor uses 6 months only, finished last year annual handling capacity, now only month of river shade harbor takes in and send out in large quantities strode box of 30 thousand mark closes greatly.

What develop as haven is outspread, rich other people sheds industry condition to be being formed quickly. Cover an area of 150 mus Jiang Yin to face harbor content to shed garden to always invest nearly 80 million yuan, offer goods storage, stick a card to pack, tear apart sorting, have a change of luck spelling box, purchase deserve to send wait for a service. First phase builds storehouse 36000m2, storage yard reachs 84000m2 of establishment of form a complete set, start working was built on October 19, 2006, in September 2007 already consign is used. Singapore is the biggest appear on the market brightness couplet of content shedding company matchs carry to enter the area that be stationed in garden, establish limited company of representative of freight of Jiangsu annulus couplet, be engaged in abb protecting content of tripartite of pass an imperial examination of duty storage, have a change of luck to shed a service, the end is official already this year in April operation. In addition, just win approved Jiangsu river back (Taiwan) the thing that content sorts garden future 5 years to develop a program will achieve 50 billion yuan sheds dimensions, future can break through 100 billion yuan content 10 years to shed dimensions