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Import evidence of fadein economy engine
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Strict and normative entrance is declared
Up to now, china already was adopted cancel the entrance advantage such as import licence of more than kinds of 1600 commodity to turn measure, use credit arrangement of support, bilateral favourable trade, in wide hand in can establish an entrance to exhibit an area to wait for a variety of means force to close to foreign commodity enters home market. And expand as what import commerce, the quality problem that imports a product also is shown ceaselessly, the standard that imports commerce appears particularly necessary.
Receive the family status of door going abroad as the product, custom branch did a lot of works in this respect, farther normative entrance is declared. But, it is a standard with the client at foreign custom relatively, declare technological process simple, handle affairs efficiency is fast, the job of domestic custom branch is a standard with the principle, still have the place that a lot of need improve. According to Shanghai praise limited company is in charge of renown boat Wu Mr Zhang gives the controller that freight acts as agent reporter introduction, between domestic custom branch and importer, the work that they should do is very much, but, if coordinate bad, can bring a loss to every business. For example, because domestic importer is right the flow that entrance product declares at customs is not familiar, delayed a lot of time and energy so. Sometimes custom can ask the enterprise provides a few data, for instance, the manual that imports ammeter, but the thing that to oneself the entrance comes to does not know the business, do not know product manual is inside entrance ammeter even.
Additional, because entrance line of the products, the name of an article is too much, be aimed at every kinds of product, have again declare at customs differently program, real operation rises to be met very no-go, relevant formalities also very loaded down with trivial details. Mr Zhang citing, transferring Shanghai into buccal product at present basically is a requirement 4 days in deliver goods, airborne word is 3 days, but because be in custom incur loss through delay time, goods does not reach importer hand in time in.
Technical entrance still is difficult problem
Wei Jianguo of director of office of imports and exports of mechanical and electrical products of undersecretary of Department of Commerce, country ever pointed out, increase import of the advanced technique that home is badly in need of, crucial equipment, it is to alleviate one of important way with Chinese too old favorable balance of trade. But, long-term since, the developed country was adopted however to the exit of new and high technology of our country prohibit strictly exporting administrative policy.
Well-known, although our country foreign trade maintains powerful development momentum for a long time, wait for a respect in commodity structure, company structure and trade pattern however, still put in many weaknesses. Our country is commerce big country but still do not calculate on commerce powerful nation. Zhao Yumin expresses researcher of academy of collaboration of economy of international trade of Department of Commerce, past China is in when introducing a technology, more is support foreign capital to drive, the equipment rate that major industry uses advanced technique device is inferior, very big one part is used at supplied materials to machine a respect, those who introduce is only 23 shed a technology.
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