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Without according to manage investigate suppress idea (apply since March 1, 2003
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Any the 20th units and individual have right to industrial and commercial administration the branch is informed against without according to management behavior, once department of industrial and commercial administration is received inform against, ought to investigate a nucleus instantly solid, investigate lawfully.

Department of industrial and commercial administration ought to keep secret to inform against a person, give award about the regulation according to the country.

The 21st farmer is in market trade mart or local people government appoints the sale inside area to be produced oneself farming by-product, do not belong to this doing not have that what code decides to take management action.

This the 22nd method applies since March 1, 2003.

(Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on January 16 report)

" People's Daily " (on January 17, 2003 the 6th edition)

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