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Regulation of government of industry of international freightage representative
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(3) declare at customs, check of newspaper check, newspaper, safe;
(4) copy is made sign and issue concerned sheet card, consign or collection freight, settle accounts and consign or collection incidental expenses;
(5) international item on display, private article and freightage of pass through the territory of a country act as agent;
(6) through traffic of international much style, collect carries (contain container to spell box) ;
(7) international express (do not contain personal letter) ;
(8) business of representative of freight of advisory etc international.
Enterprise of representative of 6 international freight regards thirtieth as agent, but to consignor or other entrust charge of square collection representative, can obtain middleman's fee from carrier place, enterprise of international freight representative must not adopt the means of unfair competition and consignor to share commission.
Enterprise of international freight representative manages a person as independence, be engaged in this detailed rules thirtieth 2 in concerned business, ought to according to concerns freight rate standard to consignor collection charge.
When enterprise of international freight representative is offerring other appreciation to serve but lawfully collection is reasonable pay.
Enterprise of representative of 7 international freight ought to use thirtieth " put on record card " the company name that go up is engaged in international freight with management code acting business, be in related the enterprise on only evidence print.
Enterprise of representative of 8 international freight does not get thirtieth to acting right of administration is made over or covert international freight make over; Must not allow other unit, individual to act as agent with this international freight enterprise or its do business ministry name or pursue business of international freight representative jointly, collection administration fee, commission perhaps acquires other interest.
Enterprise of representative of 9 international freight must not forge thirtieth, falsification, alter, rental, lend, make over and betray " put on record express " , the business only card from etc of proof of certificate of qualification of personnel of course of study, insurance.
Enterprise of representative of freight of the 40th international ought to be mixed by business charter have case file is gotten to the tax authority buy international goods acting company special bill, use bill according to the regulation of the tax authority.

Intermediary of industry of the 7th chapter is organized
Association of representative of freight of the 41st China International strengthens pair of local international freight the business of acting association is direct.
Association of representative of freight of the 42nd China International should be made " company business enters in the records executive method " association of representative of freight of international of directive place undertakes business put on record the job.
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