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Regulation of government of industry of international freightage representative
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(one) to be being investigated the person is in the amerce with 30 thousand yuan of the following RMBs;
(2) fine be in by the legal representative of investigation person below with 30 thousand yuan of RMBs.
(3) will be investigated of the person violate compasses circumstance to inform custom, duty of Wu, examine the branch such as quarantine, foreign currency, suggest relevant section according to undertakes condemnatory about legal laws and regulations;
(4) inform industrial and commercial administration mechanism does not grant to this enterprise year of careful.
Enterprise of representative of freight of the 49th international has the following illegal action, laws and regulations of law of according to of Department of Commerce gives punishment, make crime, turn over judiciary processing:
(one) forge, falsification, alter, rental, lend, make over and betray " put on record watch " , " card of bill of lading " , the business only card from etc of contract of certificate of qualification of personnel of course of study, insurance.
(2) adopt unfair competition behavior to affect an industry to manage order and industry profit;
(3) with commerce bribery means contracts to do a job of each business;
(4) abusive advantage position, the price or other restricted condition carry out management behavior and be caused in order to discriminate against a gender or may cause damage.
Fiftieth a Department of Commerce is OK according to " foreign trade operator breaks the law violate way of compasses behavior announcement " regulation, issue condemnatory announcement, decide concerned punishment to inform custom, duty of Wu, examine the mechanism such as quarantine, foreign currency, industrial and commercial, public security, concerned place business affairs is in charge of the unit such as branch and industry intermediary organization.

Supplementary articles of the 9th chapter
Fiftieth the enterprise of international freight representative that a foreign trader invests according to " method of business management of representative of freightage of foreign investment international " after the regulation is established lawfully, its run an activity applicable this detailed rules.
Fiftieth this 2 detailed rules are in charge of explaining by Department of Commerce.
Fiftieth this 3 provisions apply since 200 date. On January 1, 2004 castigatory " regulation of government of industry of international freightage representative carries out detailed rules " , carry out since April 1, 2005 " business of international freight representative enters in the records (provisional) method " abolish at the same time.

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