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Haven danger goods administers a regulation
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To dangerous goods haven work staff undertakes groomed orgnaization the 14th, ought to have requirement of corresponding education, persons qualified to teach, outline of the assessment course that sets according to the the Ministry of Communication, exam and groom outline undertakes grooming, safeguard student can satisfy the qualification that sets a provision originally to ask.
Goods of danger of ships of the 15th ship enters a haven, ought to dissolve the name of dangerous goods, put in order the property, item such as the time that pack and takes a haven, in predict, from harbor 24 hours of forward and maritime administrations report. But the calm shipping, shipping that calm course, indent plants is OK declare regularly to maritime administration according to concerned regulation. After maritime administration receives afore-mentioned reports ought to seasonable departments of afore-mentioned administration of haven of seat of Information Circular haven.
Client of the 16th exercise ought to offer correct dangerous goods to the business that pursues operation of dangerous goods haven name, country or U.N. number, applicable pack, the data such as measure of harm, lash-up, make sure the data is correct, complete. Exercise client is entrusting goods of danger of the carry secretly in the general goods of exercise, must not sign up for dangerous goods conceal or give false information is general goods.
The seventeenth pursues the business that dangerous goods haven works, assemble and unassemble in dangerous goods haven, over- refute, store, pack, before container outfit tears open the exercise such as box to begin 24 hours, ought to exercise client, and dangerous goods the name of an article, amount, manage changes place of property, work and time, safety to be on guard the item such as measure reports to department of seat haven administration. Haven administration department ought to be in after receiving a report the decision that whether agrees with exercise is made inside 24 hours, announcement speaker, will concern Information Circular in time maritime administration. Agree without haven administration department, must not undertake dangerous goods haven works.
The 18th pursues the business that dangerous goods haven works, ought to organize work of dangerous goods haven according to safety management system and operating rules.
The 19th personnel that undertakes operation of dangerous goods haven ought to manage system and operating rules to have the operation of dangerous goods according to enterprise safety.
The 20th pursues the business that dangerous goods haven works, ought to undertake checking to dangerous packing, discovery packs what do not accord with a country to concern a provision, must not give exercise, ought to inform exercise client of in time processing.
Haven administration department ought to concern a regulation to undertake selectiving examination to dangerous packing according to the country. Do not accord with a regulation, can instruct exercise client to handle.
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