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Haven danger goods administers a regulation
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The 8th haven manages a person to undertake operation of dangerous goods haven, ought to have the requirement that sets the 9th provision originally, apply for aptitude of exercise of dangerous goods haven to maintain to department of seat haven administration. Did not obtain aptitude of exercise of dangerous goods haven, must not be engaged in dangerous goods haven working.
The 9th haven that undertakes operation of dangerous goods haven manages a person, ought to have the following requirement:
(one) accord with " haven law " formulary haven runs permissive requirement;
(2) have the lash-up equipment that accords with national level, establishment;
(3) have sound safety management system and operating rules;
(4) it is as dangerous as what this unit place is engaged in to have at least a proprietor of an enterprise wants chief to ought to be had the safe production knowledge related goods haven exercise and administrative technical ability;
(5) provide personnel of the enough government that has letter of mount guard qualification, exercise;
(6) have accident meet an urgent need beforehand case;
(7) obtain opinion of approve of branch of fire control, environmental protection.
Before paragraph accident lash-up beforehand the main content of the case ought to include: Measure of the composition of team of place of the general situation of the haven establishment such as field of commercial and transportation center of dangerous goods work, library, storage tank, berth, key, lash-up and duty, lash-up, lash-up comes to help watch of contact of personnel of means of watch of alignment of flow chart, direct, communication, lash-up.
Since the day that department of administration of the 10th haven ought to get aptitude of exercise of dangerous goods haven to apply for oneself according to the 9th the regulation gives inside 30 days examine and verify, make give the decision that maintain or does not grant to maintain. Give maintain, the ability of dangerous goods exercise that ought to manage a person according to this haven approbates the limits of exercise certainly, and the exercise of dangerous goods haven with nuclear corresponding hair approbates card; To granting to maintain, ought to written announcement applicant shows reason.
Eleventh the unified form that exercise of dangerous goods haven approves card to be in charge of a branch to set according to traffic of the State Council by department of seat haven administration is made, extend, management.
Dozenth the dangerous goods haven that ought to approbate the check and ratify on card in exercise of dangerous goods haven pursues a business that pursues operation of dangerous goods haven inside exercise limits activity of exercise of dangerous goods haven.
Thirteenth the business that pursues operation of dangerous goods haven, the personnel that ought to work to be engaged in danger goods haven undertakes knowledge grooms concerned safe operation.
Be engaged in staff of the management that dangerous goods haven works, work, must accept concerned law, code, regulations and safe knowledge, professional technology, profession to sanitation defends and answer of knowledge of emergency treatment aid groom, organize assessment via the orgnaization of the Ministry of Communication or its accredit. Assessment is eligible, after obtaining evidence of mount guard qualification, square but mount guard works.
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