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The the Ministry of Communication releases stimulative road carrying trade to de
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Advance motor vehicle to drive groom the orgnaization specializations, dimensions is changed manage, fulfil driver quality to teach outline, use informatization method, assure to groom class hour, rise groom quality. Build and perfect a driver to groom credit of the school, trainer runs a system. Carry out time make groom and drive imitate education. Normative driver grooms collect fees, raise the diaphaneity that collect fees.

Raise the energy-saving consciousness of entire industry, build energy-saving the drive that decreases a platoon and tie mechanism, urge government actively energy-saving, technology the system is energy-saving, energy-saving, optimize resource configuration, raise carriage systematism rate, raise load factor and rate of actual loading. Perfect energy-saving standard system, increase carry out strength. Positive research and development is encouraged use suit the new product with energy-saving traffic, new technology, new technology. Standard of recycle of loop of oily, liquid waste is abandoned in raising vehicle maintenance and repair to produce further. Aggrandizement driver is energy-saving the operation grooms, promotion division oil drives experience.

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