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6 concrete step advance content to sort estate development
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The policy that increases other people of opposite fresh food to flow gives aid to. Use stimulative service line of business to develop special fund, supportive “ is at ease fleshy ” , “ is at ease dish ” content flows deserve to send a system construction, key support deserves to send central facilities the investment of equipment, cold chain carriage tool, cold storage lasts the investment of facilities facilities. Support cold chain content to sort technical research and development, include to refrigerate content to shed technology of equipment, refrigerated transport, last storage new technology, and of cold chain technology introduce, pilot, promotion and application. Buttress sorts the development that deserves to send information the system, transform and construction.
Increase the policy that sheds technical equipment entrance to modern other people to give aid to. Include to be being imported with general trade pattern " encourage entrance technology and catalogue item " medium modern other people sorts technology and equipment, department of Commerce and Ministry of finance will according to " entrance discount financing runs temporary measure " regulation, give certain support with the means of pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange.
Increase modern to current domain other people to shed the policy of demonstrative project project to give aid to. To including the item of demonstrative project, coordinate concerned branch actively, give proper policy support.
" opinion " put forward, will enter world acceptance according to our country government, advance content to shed an industry to open to the outside world further, simplify examine and approve a program, improve efficiency of examine and verify. Guide foreign capital actively to invest course of study of abortion of other people of department of Chinese and Western, promote backward area content to sort development.
Modern other people of whole nation of sufficient have the aid of sheds department time joint meeting system and each surface features spread harmonious mechanism, talk things over actively with concerned branch, further improvement content flows to company pay taxes, country permits management commodity or serve cross area to deserve to send the case that waits for a respect.

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