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Supply and demand of ships of 3 large main force market is analysed
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Container ship: Add demand newly to be not worth foreground to not allow hopeful
In May 2005 up to now, the state of container industry is: Container sea volume is added fast tend smooth, freight rate fall after a rise; New vessel value is little fall after a rise; New vessel and secondhand boat price difference expands, maintain exalted concussion; Secondhand ship vessel price follows freight rate together fall after a rise. Above circumstance makes clear, present shipping market demand not free, bring about secondhand boat price drops, and dockyard because order for goods is enough, not was necessary to make price war, new vessel price drops power is insufficient. The personage inside course of study points out, receive order newly 2007 to glide to already was become finality. Current, received order newly to continue the trend that drops since August 2006, before this year 4 months receive order sum total newly to be only 25% 2006, predicting annual order is 1.2 million carring capacity about ton, receive order newly 4 years to exceed 1.6 million carring capacity continuously ton the history will not emersion, downtrend avoids hard. Current, global container the overall boat of the boat age low, future renews demand small, 20 years the active service boat of above shares boat age 955 thousand carring capacity ton, occupy than be only 10.1% . And shipbuilding industry holds order and fleet dimensions to compare already was as high as 50% in recent years, newer requirement is far under hold order, because this did not come,boat price and order not allow hopeful.
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The phylogeny of world ship manufacturing industry, the testimony that is changes of national power of world each country history. Revolution of steamer of have the aid of of western big powers, take the lead in becoming maritime overlord and shipbuilding powerful nation, to 20 centuries before 50 time, england, United States, Western Europe sits by turns the first shipbuilding of world is big national an ancient folding chair. After World War II ends, as the rise of Japanese shipbuilding industry, the international market portion of industry of Western Europe shipbuilding narrows gradually, but to on 70 years metaphase still maintains the century in 40% the left and right sides. The cosmopolitan shipbuilding crisis that 70 time later period begins, serious to the blow of industry of Western Europe shipbuilding, large quantities of dockyard close down, change the line of production, shipbuilding ability glides quickly. After 80 time, the international portion of industry of Western Europe shipbuilding maintains in 15% ~ 19% , holding a dominant position in domain of shipping of hi-tech, high additional cost. As step by step transition of key of strategy of industry of shipbuilding of Japan, Korea to domain of hi-tech, high additional cost, western Europe also begins to shake in the position of this respect. Japanese shipbuilding industry is in shipbuilding crop exceeded England first 1956, of after this 40 old, progress to carry advanced method to hold the world ceaselessly with productivity through labor cost advantage, technology early or late the position of big country of the first shipbuilding. Enter on century after 90 time, because Korea increases shipbuilding capacity ceaselessly, raise technical level considerably, two countries of day, Han produces the difference between efficiency to narrowing quickly. Add Han Yuan devalued considerably after crisis of southeast Asia banking 1998 wait for an element, competition ability of Korea shipbuilding industry exceeds Japan gradually, received order newly to exceed Japan first 2003, make the world big country of the first shipbuilding.
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