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Laborious gram content flows 130 be born at Austrian Vienna before New Year more, headquarters move went to Germany 1928 Berlin, was bought by German railroad 1931, after this relies on the support of German railroad in 60 years, laborious overcomes content to shed the transport company from Europe of a base oneself upon, development becomes the content with lead whole world to shed a tycoon. 1991, german railroad overcomes laborious content to shed work off, but buy at the whole after 12 years again time.   

1979, laborious overcomes content to flow in Hong Kong to establish the first agency, entered inland to create Guangzhou agency 1981, mixed 1982 created Beijing agency and Shanghai agency in succession 1986. Laborious overcomes content to flow is the foreign content that registers formally the earliest in China shed one of companies.   

To the end of last year, sale of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of laborious gram thing 8.9 billion euro, have 42000 stuff, there are 1100 agencies about in the whole world.

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