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Bulletin of the Ministry of Communication violates compasses Olympic Games actin
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Content shedding association applies for to do sth for sb the staff member explanation of the orgnaization, although file letter afresh, because application period wants to continue a few weeks relation, the company that the eligible carrier that do not have a boat is about to become more very much inside application period still can order cabin to reach accept goods to act as agent; But, the circumstance of company of global goods acting China is judged hard now.   

Generation of goods of · Olympic Games is exclusive related · supplier  

Generation of Olympic Games goods is exclusive supplier  

Company of global goods acting China was become on December 13, 2006 representative of freight of Beijing Olympic Games and Qing Dynasty involved a service 2008 sole supplier.   

To this company violate compasses and illegal suspicion, on August 17, a staff member of Beijing of office of information of organizing committee of 2008 Olympic Games expresses: Before the thing did not see reason, do not express any opinions to this.   

Andrew of spokesman of company of global goods acting China emphasizes, the job of relevant goods representative of the Olympic Games won't be affected, business still can continue.   

Why can this company become the Olympic Games the cause of sole supplier, probably website of Olympic committee government a news in brief December 13, 2006 is accountable just a little: Company of representative of freight of international of “ whole world becomes representative of freight of international Olympic committee and Qing Dynasty to involve service supplier from 2003, before participating in BOCOG market to develop a plan, ever served Yu Yadian the Olympic Games was mixed 2004 clever 2006 Olympic Winter Games. ”  

Yuan Bin of minister of BOCOG market development department expresses, company of representative of global international freight shuts service respect to have rich experience in freight representative and Qing Dynasty, ceng Chenggong serves at the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games contributed the Beijing that the professional knowledge of company of representative of freight of international of “ hope whole world can have characteristic, Gao Shuiping to hold 2008 force. ”  

Company of representative of global international freight is called “ laborious to overcome content to shed ”(Schenker) in the more inside course of study, it is world-renowned international money acting firm and tripartite content shed a company, in the whole world tripartite content sheds accrual a list of names posted up to discharge the 2nd, its business includes goods generation, content to shed integrated service, supply chain government program, even Olympic Games, exhibit the special other people such as the meeting to shed a service, because its carry on for many times,Olympic Games content sheds business is famous international content sheds a bound more.   
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