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Chinese entrance decreases cause cupreous price heart next moving
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Although do not have the consumptive state that instant data will come explain China is current, but volume of Chinese copper import is successive the annulus of two months is mixed than decreasing the signal that the tall look forward to of domestic copper inventory has transmitted a consumptive state to cool somewhat. Although go up last weekend,inventory of period place copper reduced 3748 tons, but still be in the top level since April 2004. And, from May since the middle ten days of a month, merchandise on hand maintains the copper of Shanghai area to arrive in smooth water agio 500 yuan / ton between.

Meanwhile, the cupreous inventory of LME also is continueing to drop, reduce 1775 tons once more last weekend, newspaper at 117825 tons. But the premium of forward to 3 months contract is in cupreous merchandise on hand end arrived in May at the beginning of June brief after going tall, in had returned 63 dollars last weekend / ton around, besides the adjustment that shows bull money market, the tight situation of adumbrative also merchandise on hand has alleviated somewhat.

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