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Leave the country the guest is marine guideline
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5. hands over goods, card to illuminate etc

Company of acceptance of consignment comes according to conventional date pick up the goods, check article detailed list, at the same time collection passenger card already filled 3 a power of attorney that had listed according to original and passenger.

6. is connected close, calm cabin (acceptance of consignment just is dealt with)

7. settle accounts, get a card to illuminate with bill of lading

Acceptance of consignment just does to connect close, after article lading, will remand effective visa of the passenger and passport; The passenger also wants the settle charge, bill of lading that get and other bill.

8. holds the pick up the goods outside condition of bill of lading

After shipping reachs destination harbor by predicting sailing date, haven freight generation pays attention to the connection method according to passenger fill in a form and submit it to the leadership to inform consignee of pick up the goods. If the connection method of consignee is changed somewhat, the haven freight representative that needs to inform to be stated on bill of lading ahead of schedule contacts channel newly, contact in order to ensure consignee is during this expedite. Consignee also can act as agent according to what show on bill of lading data, what the day of harbor inquires its article actively to this department is about to arrive in shipping harbor information.

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