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Injection of 1.0455 billion yuan China Eastern Airlines China Cargo Airlines
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China Eastern Airlines (00670) announced that with the COSCO Group, Concord Pacific Limited, Singapore Airlines Cargo (Singapore Airlines Cargo) Cargo to China a total of (China Cargo) replenishment of 2.05 billion yuan (below), will change it to joint venture Among them, the Eastern capital 1,045,500,000 yuan, the proportion of investment by other companies, so China Eastern share capital increase of 51% stake in China Cargo Airlines, COSCO Group will be holding 17%, Concord Pacific holding 16%, 16% stake in Singapore Airlines Cargo. After the completion of capital injection into joint ventures in China Cargo, will buy the Shanghai International Cargo Airlines (on Cargo), and Great Wall Airlines (Great Wall Airlines) and the associated main air cargo assets, including all assets, liabilities, aircraft, personnel, routes and contracts, trading on the price above the Great Wall Airlines Cargo and June 30 this year, the assessment is established based on the initial sale price of the former is 29.316 million yuan, which was the initial sale price of 387 million, the final amount to be completed state-owned assets determined after filing procedures.