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Industrial and Commercial Bank branch in Jinan Qianfoshan marketing efforts t
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The bank insurance agency to promote the rapid development of business and enhance a gold intermediate business income, in accordance with the requirements of the higher line, recently, the ICBC branch in Jinan Qianfoshan increased at the end of the insurance marketing agency. First, strengthen the focus on the end of the insurance marketing organization, to take full advantage of cooperative insurance companies in product training, customer service, and other areas, and increase business cooperation and take effective measures to ensure the smooth realization of the end of marketing objectives. The second is to break down tasks to the end of the insurance marketing network and client manager, and when the target sequence daily progress, further strengthening in particular the slow pace of sales outlets and zero sales account manager supervisory efforts. Third, increase assessment efforts, through regular assessment and incentive measures to further enhance the enthusiasm of staff to sell insurance.