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Freight Forwarding 2010 exam: air standards and requirements of package accep
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Freight Forwarding 2010 exam: air standards and requirements of package acceptance ⒈ should be sent in accordance with the nature of the items, size, weight, delivery route such as distance and transport situation, choose the appropriate packaging materials are properly packaged to prevent: ⑴ breakdown cover, inner parts exposed; ⑵ injury handlers; ⑶ pollution or damage to other mail; ⑷ the way for delivery concerns collision, friction, vibration or pressure, climate and the occurrence of damage to the principle. ⒉ soft, dry, pressure, afraid of a collision of items such as clothing, footwear, etc., can be tough with cloth or layers of paper packaging. Larger cloth or paper bag outside of the package and then tied a rope for the well-shaped. Books, books and other items, if the paper or fabric packaging, bundling up and down before adding folder cardboard or board, to protect the inner parts, to avoid a bad bundle. ⒊ no pressure, fear of collision or easily contaminated other mail items, the general pressure to use strong corrugated boxes, Gaisu boxes, wooden or metal Xiangxia packaging. Wooden board not less than 1 cm in thickness, packing time and note the following: ⑴ weak and fragile items, such as glass, ceramic dishes and utensils with these costumes, items, parts and box board within the 2 cm gap between the set aside, full with a soft filling material. If more than one box items, but also were used corrugated cardboard, sponge, straw and other items wrapped bundle to prevent collision damage during transit. ⑵ liquid or soluble materials, such as medicine, beverage, oil, honey, first into the fully sealed container, and then into the Xiang Xia. Up and down inside the gap around the place, to use soft and absorbent material sufficient to packing, the container used in articles if it is weak and fragile, and more than one, the container itself is also wrapped bundle one by one, respectively. ⑶ greasy, smell, and easy to get damp items such as ham, salted fish and other non-first use of oil through the foreskin, such as a plastic bag, wrapped in wax paper and other proper bar, and then into Xiangxia inside. ⑷ colored dry powder, such as pigments, carbon black, etc., cf liquid soluble materials to packaging, can also be a paper bag, and then installed Jianhou tray, but to use wood waste paper within the cartridge filling, and lining of oiled paper, wax paper and other items, just in case to melt, deface other mail. ⒋ general foods such as candy, cakes and so on, afraid of touch pressure, strong pressure to use corrugated boxes, metal or wooden packaging Xiangxia; not afraid of pressure, can be used cloth packing, but the first with a plastic bag, waxed paper bag, etc. , to prevent melting of anti-surge, through the oil. ⒌ crop seeds, food, etc., can be used Xiangxia or Jianhou fabric packaging, paper bags or tough or strong the first tray into another Jiabu Pi; number is relatively small, with a thick paper bag or a separate pressure of tough Send a fitted hard-tray. ⒍ iron items, knives, cutting hook, cone, etc., to packing box, the box where the gap, but also filled with a soft material. ⒎ equipment and other heavy metal items such as parts, equipment, etc., if the pressure can be packaged with a thick cloth, and then Shengkun live; if not pressure, to packing box, fragile items inside the gap at the proper cf for the filling. Larger, but also outside the box or plastic package with a metal hoop with a bundle, tied with iron bands, and metal plates nailed to close to the box, not the metal box or a blade protruding spikes. ⒏ afraid of a collision pressure of the whole or the whole bundle of goods, where the rough edges, with the front edge, hook thorn or a convex teeth, inside of the pipe is damaged bags or other mail possible, such as thick drums, bearings, cables packing box, etc. to, or living in a thick cloth with Shengkun tight or tied tight with iron; where the edges smooth, flat surface will not damage the pouch material such as tubes can be fastened ropes or entangled solid. ⒐ valuables such as watches, pocket watches, cameras, gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, precious medicinal herbs and other pressure the paper to be loaded solid Xiangxia or wooden or metal, and place inside the gap properly with a soft packing materials, boxes The paper then tough outer packaging, or sewn with cloth.