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"Incident of history peaceful rich " think the wisdom that commerce of Olympic G
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“ office furniture is us a very important product category, cannot think Shitaibo is in order to be not advocate business Wu assistance. Become office home to provide sole supplier, shi Taibo did not violate what set related the Olympic Games Organizing Committee. ” is aimed at the doubt that comes from a competitor, yesterday, accepting " daily economy news " when interviewing, shi Taibo (China) the query that Jin Weiguo of limited company president sends to shellfish gives deny.

According to Introduction Jin Weiguo, the market that office furniture of Shi Taibo is in China actually is very big, furniture of office of history peaceful rich has 6 every year in the whole world, the sales revenue of 700 million dollar, be produced by China and the office furniture that still has a lot of at the same time exports overseas market, and still opened a the largest office home in ZhongGuanCun have door store.

According to Shitaibo relevant government data shows, sale of history peaceful gain broke through 16 billion dollar 2005, visible office furniture also is not Shitaibo advocate business Wu.

To this, li Baiying thinks, become the supplier of the Olympic Games, the channel that a main development turning point is a product and fixed position can get extend and promoting. “ but Shitaibo takes this kind of kind, the market that whether abided by fair competition is regular? ”Freight representative is dynamic

“ if shellfish detects inequitably, shellfish hair can have appeal to the Olympic Games Organizing Committee. ” Jin Weiguo expresses.

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