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"Incident of history peaceful rich " think the wisdom that commerce of Olympic G
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Liu Jun discloses at the same time, all sponsor plan of the Olympic Games will be in Beijing 2008 the end of the year ends this year, had had a list of names posted up on 53 enterprises at present. The BOCOG inside this year still will be begun relay of Olympic Games torch supported a plan 2008, collect sports equipment supplier and match of horsemanship of the Hong Kong that start to support a plan, many enterprises strive to build with different kind on the last bus of Olympic Games economy. But develop regulation as a result of Olympic Games market, the requirement is exclusive inside each domain () of except of extremely individual situation, this makes sponsor competition intense all the more.

“ does fair furniture and office article to have two products category to appearing inside the supplier, because product category end is more apparent, nonexistent mutual across. ” Liu Jun expresses again.

Shellfish sends query: ” of suddenly turn hostile of Shi Taibo “ is to grab the market

No matter “ is from the objective inside inn of Shi Taibo door, the ‘ that still pleaseds from Chen Lu of spokesman of Shi Taibo figure buys office things to look for advertisement of Dai Yan of Shi Taibo ’ to look, the brand property that its advertisement is behaved and produces moral character to prove Shitaibo character is not ’ of ‘ office furniture. ” eve, li Baiying of chief inspector of brand of shellfish hair group to " daily economy news " express, “ is well-known, shi Taibo all the time with ‘ whole world the biggest office is used taste pose as of ’ of company of retail kimono Wu, and all through the ages of assistance of Olympic Games brand also is each brand in respective domain the contend of hero bully one party, shi Taibo this abrupt suddenly turn hostile, your person can'ts help 2 bonze feel a unit of length to be not worn brains. , shi Taibo abandons the stationery family property with big Nuo suddenly, change sell desk? ”

Li Baiying introduces, shellfish hair group had become Beijing in April 2006 Olympic Games stationery is exclusive 2008 supplier, hair of BOCOG accredit shellfish is in 9 kinds big, exclusiveness of respect of 145 category stationery is used Beijing Olympic Games marked 2008. Shi Taibo this action, suspicion of hair allowing a surname is fascicular. “ understands according to us, shi Taibo once was to want to become office stationery supplier really, but the exclusiveness that develops because of Olympic Games market, did not win approval finally. If Shi Taibo thinks the identity that does ” of official writing material with “ again is participated in come in to must change his appearance. In addition, ” of “ office furniture is the minimum in Shi Taibo business only one part, its advocate business Wu still basically is office stationery and relevant product. ” Li Baiying expresses.

Shi Taibo responds to: It is OK that shellfish detects inequitably appeal
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