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"Incident of history peaceful rich " think the wisdom that commerce of Olympic G
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News background links: Supplier of Olympic Games furniture shellfish hair, Shitaibo is stronger

Origin: [Daily economy news]

During Beijing Olympic Games, will appear the desk that contains Shitaibo to indicate and chair inside Olympic Games place and Olympic Games village. On April 12, the world 500 strong Shitaibo becomes ” of furniture of office of “ of Beijing Olympic Games sole supplier. It is the Shitaibo that is major servicing with stationery all the time ” of this “ suddenly turn hostile, make another sponsor shellfish of Beijing Olympic Games sends “ accurate ” : Have the exclusiveness principle that is contrary to to be developed at Olympic Games market it seems that. And dispute backside, also mirrorred domestic company to be the same as the complex state of mind that foreign competitor competes before Olympic Games business chance.

Incident origin >>Office domain appears supplier of two big Olympic Gameses

On April 12, the world 500 strong Shitaibo announces formally to become Beijing in Beijing ” of furniture of office of Olympic Games “ is exclusive 2008 supplier. And in this day before, the country's biggest concerned field that runs an archives to provide supplier shellfish to send a group is asking Shitaibo all the time the relevant content of this press conference, should be informed Shitaibo however is with “ office furniture ” becomes Beijing the Olympic Games is exclusive 2008 when the supplier, reaction of respect of shellfish hair group is strong.

Oppugn reason >>The sponsor is much with advocate course of study sponsors an Olympic Games

Li Baiying of chief inspector of brand of group of the hair that occupy shellfish introduces, the sponsor of 51 Beijing Olympic Games before Shitaibo, all with its advocate the main product that business Wu regards assistance as the Olympic Games, service. With newest 2007 on 3 enterprises of a list of names posted up are exemple, gymnastical equipment is exclusive supplier peaceful Nuo be good at, life furniture is exclusive family property of government of emperor of supplier Hong Kong, and freight representative and Qing Dynasty involve a service freight of international of sole supplier whole world acts as agent (China) limited company Schenker also all with its advocate battalion product or the sole supplier that serve to be sponsorred as the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games Organizing Committee responds to >>Assistance classification won't produce issue clearly

To the dispute of two sponsors, BOCOG expressed yesterday about the personage, on exchange of rights and interests, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee undertook with the sponsor very strict limit, won't produce issue.

“ in fact, the place that across runs exists really between the brand, but we have to the sponsor limit clearly, the approves strictly also according to the Olympic Games Organizing Committee product category on sale undertakes. Liu Jun of undersecretary of development department of ” BOCOG market to " daily economy news " express. He says, the Olympic Games is exclusiveness to the total principle on the choice of the sponsor, participating in the metropolis when evaluating to undertake be evaluated strictly and be limittinged to the service content of the sponsor. ”
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