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"Incident of history peaceful rich " think the wisdom that commerce of Olympic G
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Look from the angle of the brand, the leader brand in a few industries is told to consumer and agency, the identifying that has been product or service not just symbol, it has become the pronoun of ” of category of the “ in the industry even. Speak of processor, what you think of is Intel; Respecting microwave oven, what you think of is Ge Lanshi; Respecting searchs engine, what you think of is Baidu. In fact, shi Taibo has the brand image in the industry in office article also is such. Become so a such brands that had made category pronoun, when with “ identity of office stationery ” enters an Olympic Games, the everybody of familiar stationery industry very questioningly, how so familiar face is informal “ makes up ” , passed commerce of Olympic Games Organizing Committee to develop the “ with so strict examine and verify to install check ” actually? Is this one kind is opposite after all of the industry unfamiliar? Or do one kind develop the ” of “ money worship in the process in commerce?   

The project of the Olympic Games and dimensions, be in all the time since Luo Ge assumes office carry out “ thin body to plan ” . Actually the commercial development plan of the Olympic Games also is in such cry all the time in. Face a flock of group squeeze in the doorway to cry the move, company that calling to want to come in, the difficulty that holds to a principle occasionally also is very tremendous, the may not of ” of “ selfish calculations that has some of time company what is more,the rather that more can be understood thoroughly at the beginning. To “ Shi Taibo the shellfish of square ” of “ fall victim in incident ” is sent, furious “ also is only in second incident here it seems that small cry ” a few, but through such “ small cry ” , we should see these opposite “ are weak the awkwardness of force group ” and but. The decision that has made to the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, business sense appears to be changed very hard, together with considers him enterprise to increase the cooperative strength with the Olympic Games Organizing Committee even, it is so dare anger not dare character. And Shitaibo is natural also very joker ground kicks ” of “ rubber ball the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, anyway you had received fund, announce. This moment, those who think is not the mood of the enterprise, however the wisdom in process of development of business of Olympic Games Organizing Committee.   

The business that ” of incident of “ Shi Taibo perhaps develops to sharing Olympic Games trade much an apprehension, while every enterprise is lending situation Olympic Games business chance energetically, pay close attention to main competitor even closely how the Olympic Games resource of clever nibble oneself and interest, thereby better model prevent with answer. ” of incident of “ Shi Taibo is far still perhaps did not end, the event that has brand transmission and promotion as a result of Olympic Gameses of all sorts of informal, recessive have the aid of is increasing, the brand that many enterprises that take an active part in an Olympic Games can acquire alludes rate even far under enterprise of ” of edge ball of a few “ . We are to should admire the ” of “ intelligence an wisdom of these enterprises, still should worry about “ of Olympic Games Organizing Committee all the way while paean ” commerce is developed, how to consider to reach seriously even after all answer the legitimate rights and interests that enlists Olympic Games company formally? To the Olympic Games a such well-known sports activity trademarks are told, consider to protect the interest of cooperative enterprise at any time and place, realize Olympic Games commerce to develop the most crucial core competition ability in the process and value namely.  
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